Path of Digitization by DMG MORI

Continuous digitalization solutions

With CELOS Machine and CELOS Manufacturing to Digital Factory

DMG MORI is a pioneer when it comes to digitalization in machine tool construction. Under the key phrase “Integrated Digitization”, DMG MORI with CELOS is realizing a consistent strategy – starting with CELOS Machine, via CELOS Manufacturing up to the Digital Factory.

DMG MORI is therefore offering a continuous digitalization strategy at all value creation levels. The three value creation levels include machine-specific apps in the CELOS environment, upstream and downstream processes in the production environment, and manufacturer-independent digital platforms.


CELOS Manufacturing


  • ESPRIT by DP Technology, Siemens NX CAM, Autodesk Feature CAM


  • Vericut by CGTech, DMG MORI Virtual Machine


  • Digital tool management for job preparation, TOOL AGENT, TOOL HANDLING, TOOL ANALYZER


CELOS Machine


  • 26 CELOS APPs
  • OPEN CONNECTIVITY: Integration of third-party machines with IoTconnector


CELOS Machine


  • Visualisation of relevant machine data with Messenger, condition analyzer, Performance Monitor, cockpit



  • Transparent and efficient maintenance and maintenance processes
  • New benchmark for remote services with the NETservice and the SERVICEcamera

Monitoring- & Service Package

4 products for entry into digitalization!

To make it easy for you to start digitizing, we offer you four coordinated products with the Monitoring- & service package.

  1. IoTconnector: For the secure networking of your machines
  2. MESSENGER: To visualize the current machine conditions
  3. NETservice: For direct remote communication with DMG Mori service including qualified online diagnostics
  4. COCKPIT APPs: As a basis for all digital monitoring functions

Machine tools for Industry 4.0 with CELOS by DMG MORI

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